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8 Halloween Nail Designs That Will Make The Werewolves Howl

Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping - can you believe it's October already?

Halloween is just around the corner and you are most likely in the early stages of figuring out if you are going to be that cinderella character again for the third year in a row or if you are going to try something new.

We all know that eventually it's going to be Cinderella again, but why don't we spice it up for you this year with these inspiring nail designs that will leave an impression at every Halloween Party?

Which one is your favorite design?

#1 Moon Phases - Can you hear the werewolves howl?

Moon Phases Nail Design
Photo: Instagram @ALICIATNAILS

#2 Vampire Fangs - Way cooler than the ordinary white plastic fangs that you get in Halloween Stores.

Vampire Fangs Nail Design
Photo: Instagram @THEHANGEDIT

#3 Shades of Red - Mystic, sinister, seductive

Red And Black Gradient Nail Design

#4 Evil Eyes - They follow your eye. Do you see it, too?

Evil Eyes Nail Design
Photo: Instagram @MPNAILS

#5 Bloody Drops - Beware of these claws drenched in blood ready to grip a glass of the fine party punch

Blood Drops Halloween Nail Design
Photo: Instagram @NAILSWITHTWO

#6 Halloween Eyeballs - They are popping out of your fingers I tell ya

Eyeball Halloween Design
Photo: Instagram @FLAILSANDNAILS

#7 Spider Design - Itsy bitsy spider

Spider Halloween Nail Design
Photo: Pinterest /MontanaHowe

#8 Creepy Carved Pumpkin Design - And where is the pumpkin soup?

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Design
Photo: Instagram @WAHNAILS

Time for a Manicure and Pedicure! Pick your favorite design and stop by at Lovely Nails in White Bear Lake for a Nail Design to impress with!

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