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Nail Salon 101 - Tips for what to consider when getting your toe-nails done

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

When the weather warms up and you start leaving the house sock-free with your toesies out for the world to see, you might think twice before picking up those peep-toes.

But there is a solution for that. How does ultra smooth skin, beautifully trimmed and colored nails, and total relaxation sound?

What you need is a pedicure. Luckily we offer quite a few of them. Whether you need a full treatment or just a color change. We got you!

Kick back and relax in the massage-chairs that hover above a foot-bath exclusively for feet-soaking. And you know what? If you haven't tried it yet, it feels really nice to have your feet and toesies pampered.

Vickee, owner of Lovely Nails, took some time today to answer a few commonly asked questions in order to prepare you for this new adventure!

Is it rude to show up with old polish on your nails?

"Nope, we don't mind at all. Never pick off your no-chip nails. In fact its pretty much a requirement if you have old no-chip polish on your nails.

People always say, that they want their polish off because their nails need to breathe. This is a common misconception. The actual nail is more or less dead cells. It can't breathe.

So when you are in doubt, just leave that old color on there."

Should I shave my legs before a pedicure?

"I am sure all nail artists agree with me here - we don't even notice it in most cases. And if we do, a little leg fuzz is absolutely no big deal."

Should I trim my nails before a Pedicure?

"If you are doing a pedicure, then please don't trim them beforehand. The reason is simple - we are professionals and it doesn't take a lot of time for us to do it properly.

Often people tend to trim the sides and also too far in. When the nail comes back in, it will be an ingrown nail, which hurts a lot. If you trim your nails at home, always go straight across and don't round them."

Is it rude if I read the whole time or even fall asleep?

"Reading is absolutely fine! Thats why we have plenty of magazines at the salon. If you fall asleep, we will consider it a compliment - sometimes it is even our goal. There are certain techniques in reflexology and when you hit the central nerve that relaxes you, it is more than likely that you will fall asleep."

What if I'm incurably ticklish?

"This is rarely a problem. People tell us all the time that they are uncontrollably giggly when it comes to touching their feet. But we have an ace up our sleeves: There is a part of your foot that nail techs are trained to pinpoint. If you are looking at the bottom of your foot and grab your pinkie and your big toe and flex them inward, you can press on the area and even the most ticklish person will be surprised how relaxing their treatment becomes."

My feet are gross. Does that bother you?

"We would never be bothered. In fact, we have seen it all and would usually rather give advice than being grossed out or bothered.

If we see a built-up callus, we will reduce it as much as possible and then give you recommendations to keep it from coming back.

As far as yellow nails are concerned, this usually stems from polish, and we will tell you how to take care of it.

If you have foot fungus are anything comparable, we could refer you to a podiatrist, if you want."

What if I decide that I don't want a polish color after it has been applied?

"You can always talk to us about anything. Switching out color early on is not a big deal. Usually people rather want a different shade after just one nail has been painted.

We always strive to do our best to make you happy, so you can leave our place with a smile on your face."

What is your biggest pet peeve as a nail artist?

"The only thing I could mention here is, that talking loudly on the phone the whole time could be disruptive to other people getting a service. But we are personally not bothered by that."

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