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This is why you should get a professional Nail Treatment rather than doing it at home DYI Style

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Are you regularlyengaged in a race against time? You’re certainly not alone in this situation.

With work, family, shopping, and the need to sleep, it is sometimes difficult to get the activities of a single day in 24 hours!

For this reason, many of us feel compelled to sacrifice some small pleasures to make room for the essentials. It is to face this reality that the concept of the Nail salon was born.

We live in a world where so many individuals think they can handle their nails after watching videos online. Unfortunately, it never really goes the way that they had planned. That’s why you should always let professional nail techs take care of your nails.

Below are the reasons why you should choose a professional nail salon rather than doing it DIY style.

Cuticle Care with a Nail Technician at Lovely Nails Salon
Regular cleaning is essential for healthy nails

Life is not perfect, but your nails can be

A Wide Range Of Product

A well-equipped professional salon provides a wide range of manicure and pedicure products for you to choose from, compared to the limited selection that you’ve when you resort to DIY style at home.

Products are also top quality since the salon nail techs know whats best for their customers.

Because of the professional service a nail salon provides, the salon offers a wide range of nail polish, eye-catching nail colors, and extras such as glitter or jeweled accents for that dazzling nail look you deserve.

Cutting-Edge Techniques And Latest Nail Trends

When it comes to nail salons, there is always some new and cutting-edge approach to their service. It is not as it would appear when you watch all the online videos and think it is a simple matter. Nail salons live in an era where technology, techniques, and nail trends are continually evolving. It takes a trained nail professional to be able to deliver the optimal results. And this is exactly what you get when you visit Lovely Nails in White Bear Lake.

Look Special For Any Occasion

For special events like weddings, birthdays or important work event, getting your nails done by a professional can make you feel like a million dollars. Whether you opt for this new cute dazzling nail design that you once saw in a magazine or on an instagram account, just show it to our Nail Techs and they will bring it on your nails! On top of that, our highly talented Nail professionals will constantly come up with new design ideas as well.

We want to make sure you feel extra special for your big event.

Long Lasting Nails

Nails done by a professional will also last longer than the one done by yourself.

So if you’re doing something more complex, like nail designs intricately painted on your nails, you would want a professionalto handle it. You don’t want your nail style to look inferior or untidy — and even if you’re an old pro, there’s always that risk that’s eliminatedat a good nail salon.

Our Nail Techs will also work with top quality products which will make a huge difference.

If you ever experience any difficulties our are just dissatisfied with your results, just let us know and we will make sure to fix it for you!

At Lovely Nails, we always strive to reach 100% customer satisfaction.

Nail Salon with Manicure and Pedicure Chairs and Nail Polish against the back wall
Welcome To Lovely Nails In White Bear Lake Open 7 days a week

At the end of the day...

…don’t be scared to try something new, it can do wonders for the way you feel about yourself and can be a great way to relax after a stressful time. Your nails say a lot about you. Short or long, square or oval, faux or natural: whatever you choose, aim for perfection by making an appointment in a nail salon. A professional nail salon knows a lot more about how to give good manicures and pedicure than you do.

Are you looking to change up your nail style or give yourself a luxurious treat?

Visiting Lovely Nails for beautiful nails without the health risk, quality polishes, acrylic or top-level nail art can be more than just vanity — it can make a real impact on the way you feel!

For over 21 years now, Lovely Nail Salon has been in the business to make you feel glamorous and gorgeous.This is the opportunity to entrust your hands to professionals.


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